We Are Listening Org is an organization that creates popular musicians and songwriters who are admired and looked upon in the generation that we have today. It started many decades ago and until now we are still very keen and very strict and pursuing our goal of creating new talents at present times.

About - We Are Listening Org is an organization - popular musicians and songwriters

We are not privy to the fact that it is not often that people listen to us. It is not always that we are heard when we start talking or telling our story. This is our reality every day and this does not only happen in a conversation but also in the music industry as well. For the latter, it is even worse because their future depends on it. There are so many things that nowadays hinder the listening ability of many people. It may be possible that what they are hearing is not that interesting to them. It is also possible that they have already heard it and it does not bear repeating. As a consequence, those who have the potential which just needs to be enhanced go home with battered pride. Their self-esteem and self-confidence go on a limbo wherein there are times that they do not anymore want to redeem themselves and try again.

Here at We Are Listening Org, no matter what the situation is, we are going to lend our ears. We are going to hear out what you want to say and how you want to say it. We are even going to deliver our constructive criticism when necessary. We are your gurus and we are looking forward to the day where we are going to look up to you at the pedestal your fans erected for you. With us, you have a place.

If you have the talent and you are interested in being under our management, then we’d like to hear from you. Contact us now.