Expert Garage Door Repair

Sometimes, your garage door is not working the way it should be. With the passage of time, it can get general wear and tear which can affect the overall performance and life of the garage door. For small garage door problems, you could almost certainly conduct some work for fixing them on your own. For serious garage door issues, it is well-advised to hire a professional and best garage door repair service in Fayette County, Georgia to keep it in its good running position. Following mentioned are the common problems which you can handle on your own:

The overhead garage door goes up and down automatically. What is the reason behind it? It is not magic. The explanation is really simple and straightforward. There must be someone in your neighborhood that is using the access code or security pass similar to yours. It will result in unwanted interference with the radio receiver of your garage door. It is a very simple but annoying issue. Radios in police vans and airplanes also have the same effect. Are you thinking about how do you make sure it will not happen again? The solution is very simple, change the code frequently.

The process of changing or upgrading the access code or security pass differs from one model of the garage door opener to another. As a standard rule of practice, you will have to hold the transmitter which is place nest the box of the opener, and then push the button of the certain transmitter for about thirty seconds (take a reference from the user’s manual to find out the right timing to hold the button). Newer models of garage door openers are equipped with rolling code technology which changes automatically once the transmitter is utilized.

Does your garage door jam on its halfway up and down when you try to open or close it? In this case, you might be using a safety sensor on your garage door which stops it from going down and up upon detecting any obstruction on its path. The sensor stops the machine and tells the opener to pull the garage door again. The garage door opens again automatically when it senses any obstruction on the path of the garage door. Once the obstruction is removed, the garage door should work again.

This problem may also occur if the lenses of sensors are got dirty. There may a layer of dust or spider’s web on the lenses of sensors which makes them non-functional. The sensors may assume that there is something on the way to closing, causing the garage door not to close. It is always advisable to keep the lenses neat and clean.

Nothing happens upon changing the access code or cleaning the photo-eye of sensors. If you feel that the transmitter is not functioning, you will have to change the batteries or look for the power sources of the opener to make sure that they are plugged in properly. If they are not, fix them immediately. Chances are there that the transmitter is damaged and needs to be changed with the new one. Call a professional garage door expert!!