Here at Frequently Asked Questions page, we have collected all the most common questions being asked by the people who visit our website and our organization itself on a regular basis. We encourage you to check the list our so that the questions in your minds can also be answered. We are hoping that what we have collected here will be your means to know more about the organizations, our services, and website. Just in case your questions were not answered though, you can send your inquiries to us at the contact details that can be found on our Contact page.

FAQs- We Are Listening Org is an organization - popular musicians and songwriters

Q. Do you offer classes for students?
A. We Are Listening Org offers classes for that musical genius of different skill levels. No matter your age, you are classified according to your skills. We figure this our carefully through a series of tests conducted as a part of the enrollment process. In terms of the hours occupied for each class, this differs per skill level. Even then, however. you can have a flexible schedule that will fit your regular and daily routine. In that way, nothing can stand in your way when it comes to being mentored and learning.

Q. How much does it usually cost?
A. The package differs per skill level and it depends on the frequency of the lesson you want to take. If you want lessons many times a week, of course, this will mean a higher price than those who only want a lesson once a week. Also, there are individuals who have specialized needs and of course, that only incur a higher charge. No worries because all of the fees that you are going to pay here is guaranteed reasonable.

Q. What if I want to stop my classes mid-way? Can I still refund the payment?
A. Payments can be refunded but of course, we are going to charge there the amount you have already utilized for your previous classes. Also, for cancellation, we are going to deduct penalties for it. So we highly recommend that instead of canceling, just transfer it to another member.