Garage Door Repair Troubleshooting Techniques

Having a malfunctioning and stuck garage door can be frustrating. It almost makes you feel that you are losing your asset. You may find yourself in the situation especially during winter season. Instead of getting panic, you should use your skills and expertise to perform some troubleshooting techniques to resolve the problems of the garage door. Click on the link to get more information about garage door services.

First of all, spend a few minutes inspecting the garage door to make sure that its security features are functioning correctly. Sometimes the default safety features designed by the manufacturer will stop your garage door from opening or closing. If it does not function properly, some troubleshooting techniques will help to resolve the problems of the garage door. Following are some of the steps you could take before calling a professional garage door repair service.

  • Normally, automatic garage doors have default settings like automatic lock modes or vacation locks. If the garage door shifts to that mode, it will not open even with your handy device or remote. It must be unlocked manually to bring back its normal position from inside the garage.
  • Check the battery of the remote to see if it is still charged or not. If your remote has low batteries then it could be a problem. You should replace the batteries with the new one to see if it is still working. If you are able to operate the garage door from the wall-mounted panel, then your remote is to blame.

  • Make sure that garage door cables are in a good working position. Chances are there that cables may be broken and the power supply may be disconnected. In these situations, you need to call a professional garage door repair service to fix the issue and resolve the functionality of the garage door.
  • Look inside the garage to see if there are some obstructions on the way to the garage door. For the overhead garage door, an obstruction at the floor could prevent the garage door from closing. There may be some obstructions on the tracks that stop the garage door from going up and down smoothly.
  • Check the garage door sensors to see if they are working or if the light is on. In case the lights of sensors are not blinking, they need to be replaced with new ones. Remember that lenses of sensors are kept neat and clean and nothing will obstruct the path of sensors.

Trust the professional garage door technicians:

The automatic garage doors function on a simple operating mechanism. The garage door uses torsion springs and mechanical pulleys to function in the right way. So it is hard to understand what is going wrong with your garage door. Some minor garage door problems are quite easy to handle by yourself but garage door spring replacement should not be attempted on your own. The main reason is that the garage door is a weighted and heavy object and if it falls it can hurt you badly. So it is strongly recommended that hire a professional garage door technician to inspect the fix the garage door.