Things to Look For While Buying a Garage Door Opener

Before buying a new garage door opener, make sure that you have checked some important points including the type of drive, horsepower, remote control, safety & security features, motor power (AC or DC), and its warranty offered by the manufacturer. Visit the link to find more information about garage door services. Well, the following are important points to look for.

Horsepower of garage door opener:

HP or horsepower is the very basic information you need to get. It is directly related to the operations of the garage door, the horsepower will give you an indication that the opener has enough power to lift the garage door. Before determining the horsepower, make sure that you have checked the compatibility of the garage door including the weight, height, type, and balance of the garage door.  For a standard garage door, the ½ HP is enough. It is also calculated in Newton, and 600 Newton is equal to ½ HP.  This motor is commonly used in residential garage doors. For heavier garage doors, the ¾ HP is recommended.

Types of drive:

The chain drive garage door opener is nosier because it uses a metal chain along with a metal trolley. It is the famous and least expensive garage door opener model. The screw-driven opener works with the help of a threaded steel rod. Try to get the latest model which use a plastic track to reduce noise issue and increase the speed. Belt driven opener is ideal for quiet operations. If you are worried about garage door noises, a belt drive is an excellent choice.

Safety & security features of opener: 

It is a most important point. Fortunately, the latest garage door opener comes with safety and security features. This system has anti-burglary features to prevent unauthorized entry. It saves users from accidental closing and break-ins. They have a quick-release mechanism on the steel trolley that the garage door to be disconnected from the opener in the event of electricity failure.

Remote control features:

With the help of remote control getting into and out of your garage is easier and convenient nowadays. Before the invention of automated operations, you will have to get out of your car, drive inside the garage and then get out of your car to shut the garage door. The availability of accessories has been increased like, safety sensors and handy remote control. The full package of control may not be supplied in garage door opener packages.

Garage door motor (AC or DC)

The latest garage door opener uses a direct current (DC) motor instead of a standard alternating current (AC) motor. A DC motor is energy efficient which speed can easily be controlled, making the mechanism to be functioning quietly and reliable. Some AC motors offer you a soft start and stop. DC motor uses the least energy than AC motor and expected to deliver higher efficiency.

Warranty of opener:

A warranty is an important point to be considered which also make you comfortable for using the product. Before buying an opener, check the terms of the warranty offered by the manufacturer.


You can check the garage door opener comparison table. It will help you to choose the best opener that will suit your needs and preferences. If you are still confused in determining which the best garage door opener is for you, then the comparison table will give you the right path.